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The Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust, was established in 2003 to promote and conserve the built and cultural heritage of Carmarthenshire and Wales.  As a charity and building preservation trust, it became the lead partner for the conservation and restoration of Llanelly House, becoming the owners of the building in 2009.  In March 2014 it purchased the former YMCA in Merthyr Tydfil where initial stabilisation works are currently underway.  Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust has now changed its name to the Cambrian Heritage Regeneration Trust to reflect its Wales wide presence.


Cambrian Heritage Regeneration Trust has been established to:


  • Develop, in partnership, a coherent vision and strategy for regeneration that can be translated into practical projects
  • Work with other groups and organisations to deliver projects that will have economic, educational and cultural benefit
  • To promote the heritage skills and training opportunitiesTo provide support service to advise on projects, grant applications etc.


We are currently updating our website. For information on some of CHRT’s projects please use the links below:


Llanelly House

YMCA-Facebook Page   Donate to YMCA Merthyr Tydfil Project

Strata Florida   Donate to Strata Florida Project

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